World War Z trailer

World War Z 2013 trailer Trailers

World War Z 2013 trailer
Have you seen it yet? Before we start talking about it, I have some leaked piece of information here called - take it or leave it, it's for you to decide. I think it really teases you and makes you want to go and see the whole movie. In the beginning there is a natural family with simple breakfast - and then there goes the news about riots, and stuff. Have you seen the real riot? This movie will show you one. Yes, crowd scenes in this movie, and in the World War Z trailer is actually good. I don’t know is this a real people, or a computer designed ones - and I don’t care, because they look pretty natural. Next scene will show you familiar family - but in the dark room, and the question “How do we know they’re coming?”, and simple answer “They’re coming”. Little girl says “I’m scared”, and I really understand her.

World War Z 2013 trailer
World War Z 2013 trailer / people falling off helicopter

Scene with bus falling aboard is really amazing. There’s a ton of people falling off, and they look pretty real. Trailer of the World War Z (2013) is taking the soul and keeping it until the end. And, as we all like, there’s a exploding helicopter! Come on, everybody loves exploding helicopters. As I can say after watching this trailer, these events began because of Russia. Someone from Russia did something really nasty (as they always do after drinking vodka on breakfast) and the world as we know it can end right now.Of course, this trailer shows us a little bit from World War Z 2013 plot, and that’s why I’m very impatient to watch this movie. And you?

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  1. Panther

    This s going to be one of the best zombie movies if it lives up to the book.

  2. simon troy

    YEAH!!!!! its very nice hahahaha…..

  3. Danian Chau

    This movie scares the crap outta me i swear

  4. montano

    magan poh ang movie””