Trailer for The Incredible Burt Wonderstone: watch online now!

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone watch online movie Trailers

The Incredible Burt WonderstoneI've seen a trailer for The Incredible Burt Wonderstone earlier today on Youtube. That was epic, I can tell you. This movie is a must-see one! All of these actors - Steve Carell, Steve Buscemi, Olivia Wilde, and, of course, Jim Carrey - that cast just can't do something awful! I'm pretty sure this would be very funny comedy! Well, let's talk about the trailer itself. We know now that this movie will be a story about a man who wanted to be a magician for his entire life, and succeed at this. He have a partner to do all of these tricks. And, of course, since this is a comedy movie - they... Well, let's just say that they are not best magicians. All these tricks like "spend a whole week in a glass box" and "necklace dissapearing in front of grandmother's eyes" - it's not their best.

But, as in any other movie that type - our Incredible Burt Wonderstone have a protagonist, as we can see in the trailer. Jim Carrey is playing that role. Since our heroes is not the best at magic - "the-dark-side-hero" too. He have a tricks like "twelve days he's held his urine" and for a question of a reporter "What is going through your mind right now?" - answers "Well, I really have to pee". I'm waiting for this movie so much, and you just have to look here if you don't want to wait anymore! Don't forget to take a day off on a 15th of March!

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