Rush movie trailer

Rush movie trailer Trailers

I want to tell you that there’s a new cool movie coming! The new movie about 2 interesting personalities! The movie about the speed and danger! The movie about the will and bravery! And this movie is called Rush and it is based on a true story of two F1 racers that happened in 1976! So while we are waiting for the full Rush movie I have brought Rush movie trailer to you to make you want to watch this movie!

Rush movie trailer
Rush movie trailer / Getting ready before start

This very movie is going to be interesting not only for people who like cars and Formula 1 racing competition! This movie has great actors and great special effects so it’s nice to watch it and you begin to like what you see from the first moments! So every moment in this movie looks great and I think that this is not a big surprize because this movie is directed by Ron Howard and he is the real master of his profession! Talking about the cast of this movie I can say that it is great too because there are at least three really good actors such as Chris Hemsworth, Olivia Wilde and Daniel Brühl! I’m not a big fan of biographical movies or Formula 1 racing but I am a big fan of really good movies such as this one so I’m telling you that you should spend your time for watching it! And also you should know a bit about Battle of the Year The Dream Team because it is good too!

New astonishing poster of Rush movie

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