Riddick 2013 awesome trailer

Riddick 2013 awesome trailer Trailers

Riddick 2013 awesome trailer
Riddick 2013 awesome trailer / Riddick in search for the late supper

I was sitting on my chair and browsing through the trailers to the new movies, and encountered with this one. I’ve seen it tonight and I must say that it’s really awesome. All these animals or creatures (I don’t know how to name them) looks pretty real and quite dangerous. And phrases Riddick and other people saying is making you feel creepy, because they sounds real.Riddick 2013 awesome trailer For example, first meeting of the heroes, and they’re after Riddick, and captain said “He’s most dangerous man we’ve ever tracked” and the second one shouting out loud to this yellowish sandy lands “I’ve come to collect your head in the box, right here!”. After that one you can see Vin Diesel with weird dog (its ears are too long for the real one, and that’s not a surprise - I hardly know one dog who can survive these wastelands).
Another scene that makes me want to come and see the Riddick full movie is the one when he fights with some man - he jumps, dodging purple bullet, and in the jump he throws a knife. But as you can see, this man is not simple enough - he evades this knife too, and just getting more angry. And the phrase “This is the man who seize in the dark. So watch after surprise attacks!” making me sure what will be next scene in this Riddick 2013 awesome trailer - yes, he comes and attacks them. Well, that’s enough talking, just watch it now!

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