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Yes, I know you have watched this already. But what do you think of it? I personally think that it’s great. First I want to mention Catherine Zeta-Jones, with her astonishing appearance in the movie, kissing Bruce Willis hot and telling “How are things?”.Red2 Trailer Of course, Mary-Louise Parker didn’t liked it at all, and she said too, “Yeah, Frank, how ARE things?”. And even later in this Red2 trailer she mentioned “Oh I hate her SO much!”. I understand her, of course, but then she got kissed by some guy in some kind of a bunker, and then the guy got Frank’s punch him in the face yelling “What are you doing kissing my girl?!” and I think this is really good thing to do. You must know, guys, that you can watch online full version of it, but I suggest you to wait and watch it on a big screens.
What else we have in this trailer? Of course, it’s gunshots, exploding cars, slow motion, firing with two arms, and many more action-kind things. Do you think that Red2 will be better than the first part or not? I think here Morgan Freeman played better than in Now You See Me, don't you think so? I think even if they invited Anthony Hopkins in this movie, it won’t be such good as first one was. I can’t explain to you why do I think so, but it’s my opinion, nothing more. We will see it pretty soon by our own eyes and then we can tell whether it was good or not.

Red2 Trailer
Red2 Trailer / Beautiful moment to catch for a poster, isn't it?
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