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only god forgives

This movie is surrounded by mystery. I can't explain it another way, because it don't have much information in the Internet. Even Only God Forgives trailer is not released yet. We have this short teaser in rubbish quality right here. It comes in sort of... Let's see... “Camrip” quality, because it's a real screen capture from part of a 30 minute festival preview program of Canal+. So, all we can see from this point is that this movie should be action with guns, cars, and explosions, just as like you can see here and about We're The Millers 2013.
Only God Forgives trailer will come really soon, I hope so. Here is a short information about this movie: it's a Denmark/France production, but filming in Thailand. Why so? Because of plot, of course! Good guy (Bangkok police officer) and bad guy (gangster) will find out the truth in the Thai-boxing match. What is the real truth and who's right – we're gonna find it out! This movie coming on a big screens 23rd of May in Denmark, then 24th of May in Norway and Sweden. Also it comes to screens in Netherlands – early autumn 2013. We'll wait...

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