Jack the Giant Slayer trailer

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When it comes to movies, it always rests on a trailers. And one of the big questions is where to find a mobile version of it. For example, let's take a look at the upcoming movie – Jack the Giant Slayer. Download Trailer of movie is not so simple quest as it seems, like to download Lone Ranger DVDRip or find something really interesting on the web. Many people browse hundreds of sites trying to find best trailer and best source. But not me! First, I know, that all mobile phones (smartphones, at least) now can watch any video online.
slayer trailerSecond thing I'm sure in is that on modern mobile phones the YouTube app is pre-installed. So, you don't really neet to download trailer for iPhone (Jack the Giant Slayer movie as example, if you remember). First method - you can open your YouTube app, and just type in search form the name of the movie. Second method – wherever you are, if you see a trailer in YouTube frame – just click on it and it'll opens in a new window. Like here!

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