Iron Man 3 Villain and Trailer

Iron Man 3 Villain Trailers

Iron Man 3 VillainA few days ago I have watched Iron Man 3 trailer. If I'll say I'm amazed - I'll say nothing. It's very epic and intriguing. At the phrase that telling villain in the middle - "I'm a teacher. Lesson number one. Heroes. There is no such thing" - I have goosebumps. I like spoilers, and this phrase remind me of Gravity movie spoilers that I have discovered early. I haven't read comic book Iron Man, so I haven't any clues who can be a villain and why is he doing this. As I can imagine from a trailer, a villain will be wearing Iron Man's suit. In first part of Iron Man trilogy (it will be a trilogy, isn't it?) a suit was only one - if first model, made in a cellar, doesn't counts. In secont part - there was a two suits and many tries to replicate it. In a third part, as I can see - there will be many suits, mostly belonging not to Tony Stark. I think this will be amazing.

And an actor, presenting a villain in Iron Man 3, Ben Kingsley - is the same person who played villains in such movies like Bloodrayne (2005), Lucky Number Slevin (2006), Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (2010) and Dictator (2012). He have a face of standard villain, in my opinion.

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