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I have many friends from England, you know. And some of them asking me – when this movie will show up in cinemas there? I know the answer – it will be earlier than in USA - 26th of April (in USA, as far as I know, the release day is 3rd of May). Do you still waiting for Iron Man 3 or maybe you're waiting Despicable Me 2 HD more? It will come late this year. UK trailer, by the way, is shorter for 5 seconds, compared to international one. Why is that so? Because of “Approved” green splash on the start of international trailer.
I got a question for you, guys – why trailers in different countries can differ? Is that about laws or government statements? Or what? Because I've seen this so much – one version shorter, second longer, in the third we can see another scenes... Iron Man 3 UK trailer is not of that kind. It's absolutely similar to original one. And if you want to see some more scenes from movie, or maybe even more views of new suit, you can browse around my blog – I hope you can find many interesting things here!
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