Fast & Furious 6 videos

FAST AND FURIOUS 6 videos Trailers

I love to ride. I like fast cars, vehicle roaring, tires’ creaks, flames from the exhaust. And I like this kind of movies. I’ve been looking tonight for the Fast & Furious 6 videos, and have found some. Of course, maybe it's not a full length movie yet, but it will be soon. You know what - I’m impressed, and I mean it. All of the cast of all the parts of this series in one movie, plus Dwayne Douglas Johnson. They look as not a day have passed on since the first Fast and Furious movie. I don’t know how exactly they did that kind of effect, but it looks amazing.
I think the plot is not so obvious. We got army man, who want to hire professional street racers to help him fight organize crime group, which is already wanted by all governments of 12 countries. Ok. I don’t know how they can help in this situation, but ok. And then I’ve found more Fast & Furious 6 videos! They contains of more things that counter my kind of world, and most of them is Fast and Furious 6 spoilers. Like, I don’t know, the tank in the middle of city, which driving like a crazy on opposite lane, and don’t notices none of cars - like they built from paper or papier mache. I tell you what guys - you probably want to look at this by your own eyes.

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