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Don Jon movie trailer
Don Jon movie trailer / Don making his body stronger

Well, I definitely like movies like this one. It’s about drama and real life, real love and real feelings. And of course I like when movies like this comes with good jokes or funny plot. And yes, plot in Don Jon movie is really funny, because it describes us a guy who is a pornholic. Yes, he got a girl, but he just like to watch porn, that’s all.Don Jon movie trailer And when in one day his girlfriend got him of doing this, their relationship became nearly ruined - for a reason, of course, none of girls will like their boyfriends doing such thing. But he got real life - friends, family with beloved mother (who told him “I’m looking like grandmother, and I just don’t have any grandchildren!”) and father. He got gym and really nice body (girls, you just watch it!).
I don’t know for sure why he’s keeping doing it, maybe it’s kind of disease or something, but that’s not the point of this movie, no doubts. The point is how to make your relationship and your whole life to be better with all kind of weird stuff going on there. How you can bear all of the hard times and non-natural things. After I’ve seen this Don Jon movie trailer, I’ve made a decision to go and watch Don Jon full movie, because it will be really good, and I’m pretty sure in this fact.

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