Die Hard 5 official trailer

Die Hard 5 Trailers

I was astonished when I saw Die Hard 5 official trailer last night. First of all, this is a good-knowing franchise. Second, this is Bruce Willis. Third, explosions. Lots of explosions. And fourth, you can go and download DVDRip of this movie right now! But yes, first things first. If you can see, a trailer begins in a top-secret military base, where top-secret project is arrived (as I can see). I think that some group of scientists developed something powerful and scathing. But one of bad guys (what film with Bruce Willis can be without them?) have his hands on this. And, of course, our good hero have to stop this meaningless violence.

Die Hard 5Of course, we have bullet shots, we have chases, we have lots of damage and unceasing action. Helicopter arrived several times in this official trailer. And we have references (I think, there should be a lot of them) to James Bond. I think this movie named “Good day to Die Hard” not for nothing. I will go to see this full Die Hard 5 movie with sure. And I’ll bring all of my friends (at least, those who will be free) to the cinema. I think this trailer will not leave you indifferent.

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