Hummingbird 2013 trailer
Hummingbird trailerTrailers
Yes, I know that this movie is called a Redemption now. But I like first variation of its’ name - Hummingbird! I think this is even more dramatic than
Kick-Ass 2 trailer
Kick-Ass 2 trailerTrailers
There is a plenty of trailers for this movie on the web. And I’ve seen them all. I did it because, you know, I want to watch this movie so hard!
Despicable Me 2 trailer
Despicable Me 2 trailerTrailers
My usual day starts with coffee and muffin, and ends with viewing trailers. So, not so long ago, I viewed official Despicable Me 2 trailer number 3.
The Wolf of Wall Street 2013 trailer
The Wolf of Wall Street trailerTrailers
In these latter days Leonardo DiCaprio participated with creation of many well-known movies, like The Great Gatsby and Django Unchained.
R.I.P.D. 2013 trailer
R.I.P.D. movie trailerTrailers
I’ve seen this trailer some time ago, but today I’ve seen it again, and I think I should share my feelings with you. Well, R.I.P.D. movie is a totally
Ender’s Game trailer
Ender's Game trailerTrailers
I've not seen Harrison Ford for a huge amount of time. I think the last movie with him was sixth episode of Star Wars series. And now, look at that.
We’re the Millers trailer
We're the Millers trailerTrailers
Do you like really good comedy movies? I’m very. So, when I saw that there will be a comedy with Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis in the main roles
World War Z trailer
World War Z 2013 trailerTrailers
Have you seen it yet? Before we start talking about it, I have some leaked piece of information here called - take it or
After Earth trailer
After Earth trailerTrailers
Will Smith has big gap on his big screen career since 2008. It was only one movie in 2012 (Men in Black 3, of course), where he played as agent J.
Man of Steel trailer and photos
Man of Steel 2013 trailer and photosNews
Not so long ago I’ve encountered this movie when I was browsing the web. I don’t know why is it so, but I didn’t heard about this Superman movie, despite
Fast & Furious 6 videos
FAST AND FURIOUS 6 videosTrailers
I love to ride. I like fast cars, vehicle roaring, tires’ creaks, flames from the exhaust. And I like this kind of movies. I’ve been looking tonight for the Fast &
Iron Man 3 UK trailer
iron man 3 largeTrailers
I have many friends from England, you know. And some of them asking me – when this movie will show up in cinemas there? I know the answer – it will be
Only God Forgives trailer
only god forgivesTrailers
This movie is surrounded by mystery. I can't explain it another way, because it don't have much information in the Internet. Even Only God Forgives trailer
Jack the Giant Slayer trailer
slayer trailerTrailers
When it comes to movies, it always rests on a trailers. And one of the big questions is where to find a mobile version of it. For example, let's take a
Oblivion with Tom Cruise movie trailer
oblivion trailer with tom cruiseTrailers
Strange, but I didn’t hear a thing about this movie. But today I stumbled on the Oblivion movie trailer with Tom Cruise. It looks pretty amazing, especially
Die Hard 5 official trailer
Die Hard 5Trailers
I was astonished when I saw Die Hard 5 official trailer last night. First of all, this is a good-knowing franchise. Second, this is Bruce Willis.
Trailer for The Incredible Burt Wonderstone: watch online now!
The Incredible Burt Wonderstone watch online movieTrailers
I've seen a trailer for The Incredible Burt Wonderstone earlier today on Youtube. That was epic, I can tell you. This movie is a must-see one!
Iron Man 3 Villain and Trailer
Iron Man 3 VillainTrailers
A few days ago I have watched Iron Man 3 trailer. If I'll say I'm amazed - I'll say nothing. It's very epic and intriguing. At the phrase that telling