Captain Phillips trailer

Captain Phillips trailer Trailers
Captain Phillips trailer
Captain Phillips trailer / Tom Hanks in the main role will fit perfectly!

Having watched Oz full movie and I am now back again to show you Captain Phillips trailer that just makes me really hungry for this movie because it is totally going to be one of the best this year! I have watched this trailer from A to Z for about ten times or more already and I have shown it to all my friends ! That’s how I like it! I think that Tom Hanks that stars in this new movie is one of the most gifted and talented actors in the world or maybe even the most talented so almost any movie where he stars is going to be really successful especially as it was directed by such man as Paul Greengrass who is either one of the best in what he is doing!

As we can see from the trailer - this movie will tell us a story that’s based on a real events that happened in life of Captain Richard Phillips whose cargo ship was hijacked by pirates and who was held as a hostage but managed to stay alive! I just can’t stay calm while I’m waiting for the appearing of Captain Phillips full movie online and even don’t want to hear that this movie might possibly be a bad one because of its story and its actors! So now I advise you to watch its trailer or to read about the story of the main character in the web and join me in waiting for this wonderful movie!

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