World War Z list of characters

World War Z list of characters Actors

World War Z list of charactersI have various sorts of information in my hands, and now I have World War Z DVDRip for you. For example, one of readers asked me to constantly make a lists of characters to upcoming movies.World War Z list of characters With their roles, who plays them, and more information if that’s possible. How can I refuse a request from my reader? Well, let’s begin from the World War Z.
Gerry Lane, played by Brad Pitt. He is father in his great family, first, and United Nations agent, second. He will be main hero in this movie, of course, because he is the one who got to save the humanity from extinction.
Karen Lane, beloved wife of Gerry, played by Mireille Enos. Her role will not be too short, but of course, he will protect her family as hard as she can. She is very worried about their daughter.
Constance Lane, daughter of Gerry and Karen, played by Sterling Jerins, new star of Hollywood. Her main mission is not to die, and, with help of mom and dad, she will successfully reach this goal.
Well, this is a family that you may see in all the trailers and teasers to this movie. Yes, this isn’t full World War Z list of characters, but that should work as a beginning. Release of this movie will be at 21st of June, so I’ve got a plenty of time to write more about it. And maybe I will get information from full length movie, I didn't decided yet. You can just constantly keep going here and read more. Stay tuned!

World War Z list of characters
World War Z list of characters / Zombies falling off the wall
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