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Violence in movies
Violence in movies / Machete Kills as one of most violent movie

Every year the viewers become more choosy and it’s getting harder to make them like the movie. So some of the moviemakers try different tricks to make people buy the movie or go to the cinema. Some of their tricks are beautiful and harmless like special effects or animation for example.President of the USA getting serious But there is always another way and we can call it “the dark force” and I’m not talking about the politics. I’m telling you about the violence in movies. And there is more and more of it on the screen each year. And there are many popular and even quite interesting movies with a lot of violence in them. Everyone can remember at least one or two such movies. I think everyone watched “Saw” movie and actually I liked it very much! And today I was watching Machete Kills full movie and I don’t even know what to feel about it! I liked the action and the wildness in this movie but still there were some moments that I just couldn’t watch because I’m still a girl and some of us can’t watch at such things as the entrails all over the screen.
So what do you think about the violence in movies? Is it quite fine or really bad? Should the movies look this way? As for me - I don’t like the blood and violence and cruelty in movies because there is enough of it in real world! And still such movies often become very popular and often they are really good and interesting so I feel confused about it. But I’m sure that adult people can choose and make the right decisions for themselves. So everyone of us knows what is good and what is bad but sometimes you need to understand that there are not only black and white in this world. So make your own choice and learn to enjoy the moment with new movies!

Girls in Machete Kills movie

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