Thor saga continues: The Dark World

Thor saga continues: The Dark World News
Thor saga continues: The Dark World
Thor saga continues: The Dark World / Poster of new movie

Marvel films lot of movies based on their comics lately. They’re using stories already watched by millions of fans all around the world, making them alive, and adding some special effects so it would look more epic. And well, it happens what should we be waiting for - Thor saga continues in the second movie with him as a main hero, named The Dark World. That movie telling us that we’re wrong in our thought that before the Universe was created there was nothing. There was Darkness, as they said. And now Thor facing very complicated choice, I would even say it’s a choice of a lifetime.Thor and his brother Loki in the Dark World
He must protect what he believes in, and nothing should stop him, and he must do it at all costs, even if it means he must go and release his brother Loki in case to help. If you remember, in the Avengers movie Thor with help of other superheroes imprisoned Loki, because he wanted to bring hell (literally) on Earth and wipe all humanity from the face of it. After watching Man of Steel full movie, by the way, I can’t stop thinking that Superman will be a great company for them, but unfortunately he is from another universe. Well, I don’t think that should stop our directors and writers in combining the two teams (and maybe even three, with X-Men) together and face them to something more epic than ever. And maybe even some Giant Slayer will join them to fight with evil. So yes, Thor saga continues: The Dark World movie will be released on the theaters around this October, and if you’re comic books fan, you must order the tickets now, maybe two or three sets of them.

Heroes sitting in discussion of what to do next in Thor: The Dark World

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