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The To Do List movie scriptYes, mostly you can find here action movies and comedies, but I like dramas as much as I like anything else! So, in the 26th of July The To Do List movie is hitting the big screens, but you can download The To Do List DVDRip already. Let’s talk what this movie will be about, basically - let’s discuss movie script. It will be about one pretty young girl, who is going to the college next year, and she wants badly to do everything she can while she is still in school.The To Do List movie script First of all, because this is youth comedy drama, is her sexual experience (sic!). Looking to her I think that she is not suffers from not being looked after by boys surrounding her. Let me tell you more - I think she is one of most desirable girls in the whole school, so I can’t see a big problem here.
But, hey, I think this movie is belongs to young girls in the first place, and we wants romantic stories of a prince on a white horse who can enter in our life and take us far, far away. Am I not right, girls? Unfortunately, The To Do List movie script takes sex on a first place, and romantic and love will be next to it. That’s really sad, I haven’t seen any good movies with love story in the last time. I think, in general, that this is our society’s fault that movies like these coming up more often. We vote for it by going and looking them. Maybe we should stop?

The To Do List movie script
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