The Smurfs 2 soundtrack

The Smurfs 2 soundtrack Soundtracks

The Smurfs 2 soundtrackIt’s amazing when you try to inspect every single angle of the movie, isn’t it? It can be not the only spoilers and photos, but many more information, like soundtrack, cast list, and funny facts. I do like cartoons, and I do like movies, and The Smurfs 2 will be both, you know - with the real actors and painted creatures, mostly known as Smurfs. Now let’s talk about the songs that will take place in this movie.The Smurfs 2 soundtrack One fact - Britney Spears was involved into creation of music to this movie, and wrote two songs. They released as singles on a CD, so you can go and by it just now. I think she wasn't involved into writing some other soundtracks, so we can congratulate her on her debut. And yes, it is available as digital download (iTunes and more) and even vinyl. One side - one song, strange format, I think, but it’s ok.
This will be Ooh La La song and Vacation. And I will tell you one more thing - Vacation is performed by G.D.C, not Britney herself. One more song in the Smurfs 2 soundtrack is the “Forget You” by Cady Groves. I think it will came to action when some drama scene will come around, and I merely sure that it’s slow-singing, crying one song. It’s amazing that you also can get it wherever you want, and you will do it, I’m in no doubt. So, tell me, will you go to the theater to see this movie, or you got enough already with the first part?

The Smurfs 2 soundtrack
The Smurfs 2 soundtrack / Movie poster
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