The Counselor 2013 trailer

The Counselor 2013 trailer Trailers

The Counselor 2013 trailer

Well, I think that the Counselor 2013 trailer didn’t show us many interesting moments from this movie but still it showed us the most sparkling thing, it’s cast! Before you start to watch Counselor online on my website, you should really watch this trailer because it just looks very cool! I believe that it is very important for trailer to make you want to watch the movie and to be like a little movie too! I actually save some best trailer on my hard drive because sometimes I like to watch them again or to show them to some of my friends!

You have to watch out!
The Counselor 2013 trailer / You have to watch out!

Sometimes we have some trailers that look very cool but the movie can still be quite planned and usual because all the best moments were already shown in a three-minute video! And this trailer is one of the best this year, and I like it because it didn’t show us everything from the Counselor movie! It was enough for me only to see Brad Pitt and Penelope Cruz in here to make me want to watch this movie immediately and I think I am not the only one who felt the need to do it! So, I hope that you will understand what I feel and watch the full movie right after reading this article and watching the trailer!

Fabulous Cameron Diaz poster for Counselor 2013 movie

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