The Book Thief 2013 full movie

The Book Thief 2013 full movie Leaks
The Book Thief 2013 full movie
The Book Thief 2013 full movie / Our little stealing hero girl

Before going to watch Riddick 2013 movie I am here to tell you that I have a little present for you! I have brought to you a wonderful thing that’s called The Book Thief 2013 full movie! I must say that this new movie has quite impressed me and I liked it very much! So The Book Thief is a new and very interesting drama movie that is based on the novel of the same name written by Markus Zusak and directed by Brian Percival. There are some interesting actors in this movie such as Emily Watson, Geoffrey Rush, Sophie Nélisse! Actually I noticed Geoffrey Rush not so long ago and now I’m a real fan of his acting and I think that he is really talented and gifted person! I have watched this new movie immediately when I saw that he is acting in it and I was very satisfied with his acting and with the movie itself!

Geoffrey Rush and Liesel

So The Book Thief movie tells us a beautiful story about a little girl Liesel who was adopted by one very kind family and she is living with them when the World War 2 comes to their town! This little girl sees all the cruel and awful things that German nazi soldiers do and her only rescue from this horror she finds in books! And when she has got her first book she even didn’t know how to read but she learns it with every word and page and her new loving father helps her with this! Soon her parents decide to have a big risk and they give a shelter for a young guy who is a jewish refugee and whose name is Max Vandenburg! So Liesel begins to read books and when she have read all the book in her house she needs to find so else but it’s really hard for a little girl to find a book when the war and nazis are around her! So she begins to steal books from germans and puts her family and a boy who is living under their staircase in a great danger! But when she reads all those books and tells the others the thoughts that she has read then she brings some light of hope into that dark times and into people’s hearts and souls so they trust her and don’t want to try to stop her! So this movie is very interesting and makes your brain to think and your soul to feel and I think that it is really great! But if you want just to relax and watch something more simple than you should probably download Bad Grandpa torrent right now and have fun!

Liesel telling us her fascinating story

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