Stallone vs. De Niro – who’ll win?

Stallone vs. De Niro - who'll win? Actors

Poster showing us Stallone and De Niro

Today I’m going to tell you about the really hilarious sport comedy about two aging boxers! There is a lot of attention paid to this new cool movie in the internet and on the official website of Sylvester Stallone so I think that this movie is going to be really popular and loved by the public! So, the Grudge Match movie tells us a story about two retired boxers who both were legends when they were young and who had a fight only once and there was no winner because they were equally good! And they have spent a lot of time competing with each other until they went out from boxing! But the years have passed and now it’s a good time for them to come back to boxing for only one fight! They both need some money so they agree to have a boxing fight but there is one difficult thing for them, the fight must also end in the draw but both of them want to win because they have been thinking about it for many years since their last fight!

That will be really fair battle!
Stallone vs. De Niro - who'll win? / That will be really fair battle!

So, how do you think, Stallone vs. De Niro - who'll win? Quite sad but funny thing is that these guys are just pensioners and they are not so fit as they were years before but now they begin to train really hard because of that unsolved championship! Actually I don’t like boxing at all but I must say that this is a really cool and funny movie and it seems to be even more hilarious when you have seen previous Stallone’s and De Niro’s movies about boxing because there are a lot of funny moments connected with those movies in this one! So if you decide to watch this movie you should probably watch Rocky (Stallone) and Raging Bull (De Niro) movies first!

Stallone vs. De Niro - who'll win?

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