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As all of you already know, I don’t especially like comedy movies like this one. And as I said, I won’t go in cinema to watch it. Of course, if my friends won’t pull me inside. They can do this, I think. I want to watch Scary Movie 5 full movie online, sitting on a comfortable chair, eating shrimp and drinking pepsi or whatever. This should be the best way to watch this movie. The only thing I interested in is a cast list. There’s an actors like Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan. And, of course, their cooperative scene.

full scary movie
My friends (most of them) likes movies like this. They like jokes, you know, about farting, getting high, naked people and other stuff. They often watches movies in the internet, and they will watch Scary Movie 5 full movie online - there’s no doubt about that. Maybe, we will watch it together. Have you seen photos of this movie already? I did, and tell you what - this film will be full of rough humour. If you like it - go and see it. I think so.

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