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Saving Mr. Banks (2013) trailer News

I know what may make you want to watch Saving Mr. Banks movie! I think that Saving Mr. Banks trailer is going to help you to decide what to watch today because it’s the trailer of one of the coolest movies this year! I must say that this is one of the most exciting movie trailers that I have ever seen because it tells us many important and interesting things about this new movie but still it doesn’t tell us anything big that may spoil the expression of the full movie!Saving Mr. Banks (2013) trailerSo, yeah, I must that that I like this trailer very much! I think that the play of Colin Farrell is going to be the most interesting part of this movie for me because I just can’t remember him in such roles and I see him only as a tough guy with a gun in some criminal movie, so it’s really interesting to see him in Saving Mr. Banks movie in which he actually plays the man whom Mr. Banks character is based on! But that’s not all that I like in this trailer because it has many interesting and bright moments from the movie and some of them are quite funny so I think that we can expect some really good jokes and funny moments in this movie which is going to be available for download on my website really soon!

Exploring something new is really great thing to do, Mr. Banks!
Saving Mr. Banks (2013) trailer / Exploring something new is really great thing to do, Mr. Banks!
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