Ron Burgundy is back!

Ron Burgundy is back! News
Do you want a mexican apple?
Ron Burgundy is back! / Do you want a mexican apple?

Hey guys! Have you heard the news? Ron Burgundy is back! And he has brought us some new cool funny jokes in Anchorman: The Legend Continues 2013 movie that is already available on my website so you can download and watch it right now! I can’t say that I was satisfied with first appearing of Ron Burgundy in the Anchorman movie but the second movie is million percent better! The years have passed and the people who worked on the first movie grew their professionalism and now we can see the result of it! I must say that Ron Burgundy’s comeback to the big screens is quite epic and I think that the box offices of this movie are going to be really fine because this is actually a really cool comedy movie and we haven’t seen many good comedies this year!Look how live is he now!
Sorry, but I think that the first movie was quite stupid with some silly jokes and only few funny moments! But now, in Anchorman 2, the humor became more funny and there is better and interesting plot! But still there are lots of silly moments and black racist humor here so if you liked the first movie then you won’t regret if you watch the second one! There is still the same cool team of actors from the first movie and there are some new talented ones so even the cast became stronger and better to make this movie a great comeback of the great Ron Burgundy and his team! I hope that you will enjoy watching this new movie and come back to me to get some more soon!

And of course he brought us some good news!
Ron Burgundy is back! / And of course he brought us some good news!
Ron Burgundy is back!

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