Purpose of goggles Riddick wearing

Purpose of goggles Riddick wearing News
Purpose of goggles Riddick wearing
Purpose of goggles Riddick wearing / Usual picture from any Riddick movies

It been a long time since we last seen the of the coolest movie heroes whose name is Riddick! And now he is coming back in the third movie about him that you can watch if you use the torrent! You can easily recognize this guy from the million of other movie heroes because he is bald, strong, he is wearing the goggles and uses quite unusual knives as the weapon! And I have just thought about the purpose of goggles Riddick wearing! I hope that you won’t throw a rotten tomato to me if I say that his sunglasses look quite weird and a bit funny because I have seen such glasses only on welders!And this is a picture from Riddick 2013 movie
So there is quite good and realistic explanation of why he’s wearing his goggles! Well, as we know, Riddick is a Furyan warrior, and he is one of the last of his kind because all his race was annihilated but he managed to survive! So one of his most unique features are his eyes, a characteristic thing in a certain caste of his species. In one of the movies Riddick even tells us that while he was in Butcher Bay he made some eye surgery, that he calls "surgical shine job"! This surgery gave him permanent ability of night vision because it made his eyes more sensitive to light, so now he must to wear his goggles to protect them from bright light when he goes out in the open! I think that this ability is a really good thing for Riddick because he is a warrior and he needs to fight to survive and he has some advantage in the dark scary places! Actually his ability shows us that we need to pay for everything in our lives so you should think about it!

Riddick want to wear his goggles

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