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Today I’m going to give you a cool full movie with Kit Harington playing the main role in it! I think that we all know him most for his role of Jon Snow in the Game of Thrones series! And I can say that he has got a good company of actors accompanying him in this movie! I am talking about Emily Browning, Kiefer Sutherland, Carrie-Anne Moss, Jessica Lucas, Jared Harris and some other good actors! The director of this movie is Paul William Scott Anderson, also known as Paul W. S. Anderson and I think that he is a really good choice for this movie because he is really good at making science fiction movies and he knows how to make his movie as cool-looking as it is possible!Pompeii 2014 torrent
I think that you really should download Pompeii or watch it online because it is going to be one of the most epic movies in the beginning of 2014 so it seems to be really worth watching! And I must admit that this movie is not only a good-looking action movie with nice actors but it also has quite an interesting plot which won’t be really surprising or unusual but still quite interesting! So, Pompeii movie tells us a story about a slave whose name is Milo and who managed to become a really great gladiator. And I think that in every movie about the gladiators, there is always a girl whom this gladiator loves and needs to save from some troubles! And I must say that Milo is in real trouble because he needs to fight his way from the arena to save his beloved woman but he also needs to do it quick because the Vesuvius volcano is going to turn the Pompeii into ashes really soon!Poor family trying to escape
I find this new movie a really cool one because there’s everything you need in it! There are nice-looking actors which play quite interesting characters, there is an exciting and romantic love story and there is a non-stopping action with really nice special effects which won’t let you stay bored while watching this movie! So, I believe, that if you are a fan of some good action movies then if you choose to watch this one, it won’t let you down!

Very hot warrior of Pompeii
Pompeii 2014 torrent / Very hot warrior of Pompeii
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