Planes 2013 cartoon review

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Planes 2013 cartoon review
Planes 2013 cartoon review / One of millions of billions of posters to the Planes 2013

At the first sight the Planes 2013 animated picture movie seems to be very similar to Pixar’s Cars but it is fully made by DisneyToon Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures and this one is going to be the first of three parts! So the story tells us about the main character whose name is Dusty Crophopper who is crop-duster plane that works at a cornfield and practices different aerobatic maneuvers when he has some free time and he dreams to become a racer! Dusty trains for getting a chance to try himself in Wings Across the World race and he has a friend that helps him and who is actually a fuel truck, whose name is Chug! Very soon Dusty enters the race qualifiers, and the audience begins to mock him for being a crop duster but he surprises them by his well-practiced unbelievable flight maneuvers! Still he comes in 6th place and this means that he does not qualify! Few days after the race the qualifier comes to him and tells that one plain from the first five has been using and illegal fuel and this means that he is now disqualified and Dusty has the 5th place! And this is when all the fun begins!Another one poster, as you noticed
Planes is based on a concept created by John Lasseter who is the chief creative officer of the Pixar company! Actually Pixar did not produce the film but Lasseter is also a chief creative officer of Walt Disney Animation Studios, and director of Cars and Cars 2 and he was also the executive producer of the movie. But the Planes is not the Cars movie because the team that was working on this animated picture did a great work to make it more different! These guys even did some interviewing of several pilots of different plane types that were included in the movie! So now we have something that looks really similar to Cars by its look but quite different by its ideas! We will wait and see if this trilogy will beat the Cars or not!

And to be exact - vertical poster!

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