Gary Oldman doesn’t play a bad guy in RoboCop

Gary Oldman doesn’t play a bad guy in RoboCop

I have just watched this new science fiction action movie and it was really nice to see that Gary Oldman doesn't play a bad guy in RoboCop! Gare just plays a role More »

Zac Efron is the coolest guy in That Awkward Moment

Zac Efron is the coolest guy in That Awkward Moment

Few days ago I have given you a really good comedy movie to download and is called That Awkward movie! I think that there are quite interesting actors in this movie such More »

Awkward spoilers for That Awkward Moment

Awkward spoilers for That Awkward Moment

I think that there were no many good comedy movies lately and even if there would be many it still won’t be enough so I decided to give you some awkward spoilers More »

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit trailer

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit trailer

Have you already watched this cool Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit trailer? I you still haven’t done it then I just won’t give you the torrent file of this movie! Just kidding! But More »

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit fresh spoilers

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit fresh spoilers

Right now I’m in the right mood for having a little talk about new action-thriller movie made by the the director Kenneth Branagh and starring Keira Knightley and Chris Pine in the More »


Kaze tachinu 2014 torrent

Kaze tachinu 2014 torrent

We're flying off in Kaze tachinu 2014

Kaze tachinu 2014 torrent / We're flying off in Kaze tachinu 2014

It’s quite surprising for me but today I’m here to give you the possibility to download Kaze tachinu 2014 full movie! It is surprising because this is actually the first anime movie which I’m bringing online for you to watch because I’m actually not a fan of anime and I find most products of Japanese cinema industry quite strange and weird! It’s an interesting fact that this movie is going to be released by Touchstone pictures company only in february of 2014 in the U.S. but was already released in Japan in 2013 so it wasn’t so hard for me to find it for you in its U.S. variant! By the way, I need to tell you that this movies is also known as The Wind Rises movie so it is its official name for the premier in our country!

Most romantic scene in Kaze tachinu 2014

Kaze tachinu 2014 torrent / Most romantic scene in Kaze tachinu

Actually the Kaze tachinu movie is based on the manga of the same name which was turned into the short story called The Wind Has Risen by Tatsuo Hori who was quite a famous writer, poet and translator in the 20th century. The Kaze tachinu is loosely-based on biography of Jiro Horikoshi but with adding lots of fiction into his story. Jiro Horikoshi was the designer of the plane Mitsubishi A5M which is one of the first Japanese carrier-based fighter aircrafts and some other plane which were both used by the Empire of Japan during World War II. And we can understand that these aircrafts were really good because there wouldn’t be any manga or any movie if they weren’t! But as I am a girl and I don’t care about some warplanes and I don’t like anime movies, that’s why I won’t watch this new movie but still the torrent is waiting for you to download this movie because it might be interesting for you, well, I hope so!

Kaze tachinu 2014 torrent

Pompeii 2014 torrent

Pompeii 2014 torrent

Today I’m going to give you a cool full movie with Kit Harington playing the main role in it! I think that we all know him most for his role of Jon Snow in the Game of Thrones series! And I can say that he has got a good company of actors accompanying him in this movie! I am talking about Emily Browning, Kiefer Sutherland, Carrie-Anne Moss, Jessica Lucas, Jared Harris and some other good actors! The director of this movie is Paul William Scott Anderson, also known as Paul W. S. Anderson and I think that he is a really good choice for this movie because he is really good at making science fiction movies and he knows how to make his movie as cool-looking as it is possible!Pompeii 2014 torrent
I think that you really should download Pompeii or watch it online because it is going to be one of the most epic movies in the beginning of 2014 so it seems to be really worth watching! And I must admit that this movie is not only a good-looking action movie with nice actors but it also has quite an interesting plot which won’t be really surprising or unusual but still quite interesting! So, Pompeii movie tells us a story about a slave whose name is Milo and who managed to become a really great gladiator. And I think that in every movie about the gladiators, there is always a girl whom this gladiator loves and needs to save from some troubles! And I must say that Milo is in real trouble because he needs to fight his way from the arena to save his beloved woman but he also needs to do it quick because the Vesuvius volcano is going to turn the Pompeii into ashes really soon!Poor family trying to escape
I find this new movie a really cool one because there’s everything you need in it! There are nice-looking actors which play quite interesting characters, there is an exciting and romantic love story and there is a non-stopping action with really nice special effects which won’t let you stay bored while watching this movie! So, I believe, that if you are a fan of some good action movies then if you choose to watch this one, it won’t let you down!

Very hot warrior of Pompeii

Pompeii 2014 torrent / Very hot warrior of Pompeii

RoboCop 2014 full movie leak torrent

RoboCop 2014 full movie leak torrent
RoboCop will find you if you're acting against the law!

RoboCop 2014 full movie leak torrent / RoboCop will find you if you're acting against the law!

As you could already understand, I am totally not a fan of some remakes of good old movies! And there are some reasons big enough for me to dislike the remakes! First thing that I can see in 95% of remakes is that the original movie is much better than a new one because the creators of new movies pay too much attention to the look of the movie but they miss the good plot and good acting skills of their actors! And the second thing that I don’t like in remakes is the fact that there is a serious lack of new ideas in modern cinema industry which is actually a really sad fact for us!

But I can say that I don’t have any bad thoughts on making remakes of such movies as this one, which I have brought to you to watch online today! So, this full movie is called RoboCop 2014 and you can use the torrent to have it watched right now! I think that you should download RoboCop and you should have downloaded man of steel movie before because there is one detail that unites these two movies in my opinion about them! It’s actually fine for me to watch the remakes of movies about some superheroes because most of them are originally based on comic books and those books are made to help you to imagine really fantastic things and if the books help you to imagine, the movies should show you everything you could imagine reading those comic books! So when you watch such movies you need to actually see everything which is impossible to see without modern computer graphics and special effects which really improve with time and they do it quite fast! So that’s why I think that it is fine to refilm such movies as RoboCop or Batman or Superman!Watch out, this guy is serious!
So, the 2014 Robocop movie is actually the fourth movie about this character and it seems not only to be a good science fiction action movie but it is also a remake of the 1987 movie of the same name and it is the reboot of the RoboCop franchise so it is really possible that this is not going to be the last Robocop movie made by the director José Padilha. As for me, the most interesting thing in this movie was the fact that there are some really cool actors starring such as Gary Oldman and Samuel L. Jackson! I do really love Gary Oldman and I will watch this new movie only because of him but I think that it’s sad that we don’t see him in the main roles quite often so I just can’t get enough of him playing in any movie! Anyway, this movie reminds me of my childhood when me and my friends were arguing about who is stronger, robocop or terminator and there were no winners and losers because it was real to win in those arguing but still I remember that time with the warm on my heart and this new movie is going to give me the possibility to remember that beautiful time and the movie heroes of my childhood! I really hope that you understand what I’m telling you and I hope that you will like this new movie as much as I do!

RoboCop 2014 full movie leak torrent

Ride Along 2014 torrent

Ride Along 2014 torrent
Older brother and sister's boyfriend

Ride Along 2014 torrent / Older brother and sister's boyfriend

You always know that brother and sister thing. When you’re sister, you just want to walk with other guys and you want your brother to meet with girls… But when you’re brother - things are really different. Because you’re in so much care of your sister, you have to watch every boy who just want to talk or even do their homework together with your sister. Because all you worry about is happiness of her, and you just don’t trust boys (because you’re the one, so you can think like they think). And these relationship is really great, I think, and this is new Ride Along 2014 movie is all about it.

Yes, it’s about one girl and her boyfriend and her brother. The boyfriend wants to earn some respect from the brother of his girl, and he will do anything to achieve it. So he decided to take a ride with this big fella in the streets to clean it up from the street gangs, drug dealers on the corners, and other scum walking around. He did it just to prove that he’s strong enough to keep his girl safe in any situation.
Of course, since this is a comedy movie, they’re stuck in really terrible situation and trying to get out of it. They must try their best, and if they won’t - they’ll be killed (such as usual at the streets, you know). And they hate each other for sure just enough to stuck in ridiculous situations because of their misunderstandings, but they act enormously unnatural and suddenly got out of all this.Ride Along 2014 torrent
It’s incredibly funny and I would really recommend you to download Ride Along 2014 or watch it online, because now I have a torrent file for you to use, if you want. Maybe quality of this movie isn’t just enough for you, but you mustn’t complain as this movie hasn’t been released yet. You should watch it and tell me what do you think of it, because I watched it happily and found it really good. Yes, if you don’t want to spoil all of your future feelings from watching this movie in a theater, you shouldn’t do it and just go to another article I wrote - because, you know, it was a big time writing all this stuff collected on this site for you to read. It’s more than 400 articles now and it’s growing everyday, so come today and I will tell you more about upcoming movies, spoilers, give you photos and more leaked movies and information from it! Bookmark this site if you like and stay in touch!

Our hero want to tell something

Ride Along 2014 torrent / Our hero want to tell something

Winter’s Tale 2014 torrent

Download Winter's Tale 2014 movie torrent

Riding a horse with beloved one

Download Winter's Tale 2014 movie torrent / Riding a horse with beloved one

I think that the Winter's Tale movie is going to be one of the best romantic movies in the beginning of 2014! I must say that this is not just a usual romantic drama movie because there are some supernatural aspects in it which make this movie so special and interesting! Today I didn’t come to you with nothing because I’m actually here to present you with the rare possibility to watch the full movie online or to download Winter's Tale using the torrent! And I’m really glad that I managed to bring this wonderful movie to you today because it’s a really nice one and you just should watch it as soon as it is possible!Download Winter's Tale 2014 movie torrent
I must say that there is only one better thing than the plot of this movie and this thing is actually its cast which includes such fantastic actors as Colin Farrell, Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly, William Hurt, Jessica Brown Findlay and even Will Smith! And there is also a wonderful white horse in this movie so every girl is going to melt when she will see Colin Farrell riding a beautiful horse and looking like a real charming prince from a fairytale! Actually I can’t say that I like Colin very much but I can’t deny the fact that he is quite a handsome man and a really good actor and it is really interesting to watch at him in this movie because he has got quite an exciting role of a man who lived in the beginning of 20th century and then he suddenly travels forward in time and comes to our days! I must say that the time-travelling becomes more and more popular in modern movies because we have recently seen such thing in About Time 2013 movie and here we have it again! But all I can say about the Winter’s Tale is that this movie has all the good things such movie should have and I really don’t find any minuses in it so I really believe that you just need to watch it!

Hugh Jackman in Winter's Tale 2014 movie

Download Winter's Tale 2014 movie torrent / Hugh Jackman in Winter's Tale 2014 movie

Endless Love 2014 torrent

Download Endless Love 2014 movie torrent or watch it online

Download Endless Love 2014 movie torrent or watch it online

As you could already understand from the title, I’m here with a new romantic drama movie which is called the Endless Love movie! I think that this is quite good title for the romantic movie because it actually helps you to understand what this movie is about! It’s really good thing that I have visited my friend today so he managed to give me this movie because the official premier is still quite far in 2014!

But thanks to me, you can download Endless Love full movie right now so you just don’t need to wait to watch it online somewhere else or even for going to the cinema! Anyway, sometimes when I watch some movies before the premier, still doesn’t mean that if I have the torrent then I won’t go to the cinema to watch that movie because I may do a slight watching at home and then go and enjoy a good movie on a big screen with a really cool sound and wonderful atmosphere of the cinema! Still, such things don’t happen quite often and the last movie that I have watched in the cinema after watching it at home, was the Blue Jasmine 2013 movie as I remember!

And here's main male hero and he's handsome

Download Endless Love 2014 movie torrent or watch it online / And here's main male hero and he's handsome

And I think that the Endless Love is not that kind of movie that you really should watch in the cinema because there’s nothing really special on the screen that you should watch only in the cinema! And I think that it’s much better for you to watch this movie in a calm atmosphere at home, lying on the sofa with your boyfriend or girlfriend or at least a pet!Summer love on a water
Shortly speaking, this movie is actually a remake of the 1981 movie of the same name so if you want some more information about it then you can just watch the old one before watching it if you like! I can’t say that this movie is one of the best romantic dramas that I have watched in my life but I must say that it is quite fine and totally worth watching and it can make your mood a bit more romantic if watch it!

The man who makes you laugh will be good

Download Endless Love 2014 movie torrent or watch it online / The man who makes you laugh will be good

Vampire Academy 2014 movie download

Download Vampire Academy 2014 movie torrent, watch Informant online

It’s been not so long time since the world have seen the last Twilight movie and now we have another movie about the vampires and their romantic relationship! I think that if Dracula would really exist he would totally kill himself again if he knew about the lots of movies about vampires in which they don’t really kill anyone but all they do is speaking about love and other girl stuff! As you could understand, I am not a fan of such movies at all! I have actually seen all the part of the twilight because my girls told me that those movies are great, it took me quite a lot of time to watch all the parts of the franchize to understand that there is totally nothing special about it! Anyway, I know that some of you like such movies as this one so I’m here to provide you with the torrent file which will help you to download Vampire Academy 2014 full movie!Download Vampire Academy 2014 movie torrent, watch Informant online
I think that before you begin to watch this movie online or download it, you still need to know some facts about it! Well, Vampire Academy movie is based on the 2007 best-selling novel of the same name, written by Richelle Mead. Actually, I must say that I know some names of the actors starring in this movie such as, for example - Zoey Deutch, Gabriel Byrne, Olga Kurylenko, Danila Kozlovsky, Lucy Fry, Dominic Sherwood and some others. I must say that it’s quite strange to see quite many russian names in the cast of this movie especially if we know that this is an american movie and it doesn’t really have any connection with russian cinema industry as far as I know!One of the posters of this movie
This movie is known as one of the adventure fantasy genre but as for me, its more close to some romantic drama movie. And as we always see in such movies, the main character is a 17-year-old girl who is going to have some adventures in her life, whether she likes it or not! And it seems to me that this is not a really new idea that tells us that this girl is half-human and half-vampire. And being not the most powerful and strong creature in this story she is totally going to unite with some friends and to stop some evil powerful forces from destroying the world of humans and peaceful vampires. I think that we have seen such things for at least dozen times in different movies and read them in different books, so I just can’t understand why is this movie being so popular and spoken about between many people of the female gender!

Main heroes of this movie speaking to each other

Download Vampire Academy 2014 movie torrent / Main heroes of this movie speaking to each other

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