Oldboy 2013 remake by Spike Lee

Oldboy 2013 remake by Spike Lee Remakes

Oldboy 2013 remake by Spike Lee

Original Oldboy movie was filmed in Korea in 2003. It collected so many awards, so our geniuses have decided to make a remake to it. I don’t know why they did so and why they keep doing old movies remakes, because if you want to watch it - you might watch the original one (and maybe you don’t have to, you just need to read original manga). So, basically - Oldboy 2013 will be remake of original Oldboy 2003 movie, which is based on the manga comics. Of course, this old movie have one fatal flaw: it wasn’t filmed and directed by Spike Lee! So he tries to to correct it, as the Microsoft usually do, if you know what I’m talking about.

Poster for Oldboy 2013 remake
Oldboy 2013 remake by Spike Lee / Poster for new movie

The manga comic book, by the way, is much less rude and contains less violence than the original movie, and I believe that this Oldboy 2013 remake by Spike Lee will be slightly more violent than the original one. Actually I have one question - what do you think of remake as a general idea of making new movie? Because you can see now on the screens a lot of movies like this, and I just don’t get it - why they have to do it? Old viewers, who saw original one and liked it, will unlikely go to see a new one, because they know how usually remakes looks like in compare to the original (mostly awful). So, what this story will be like? Will it be a good old story of a man who was imprisoned for no reason for 20 years, and some people killed his wife, and his daughter is missing? And when he gets out, he will try to make a revenge? Or it will be more like family drama movie, where his daughter and wife have founded him, and all cries happily, hugging each other? Now we have the answer here in the full movie and we know that all of our deepest fears are true, and that's sad.

Morfeus got killed by Oldboy

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