Non-Stop 2014 torrent

Non-Stop 2014 torrent

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I must say that today I’m in a good mood while writing this article because its always cool to write about the movie which you personally like a lot and which all the chances to be met well by you too! So, as you could understand, I’m now telling you that you can download Non-Stop 2014 movie using the torrent or watch it online if you like! I must say that this new movie has some quite good actors in it, such as Julianne Moore, Liam Neeson, Michelle Dockery and some others! I have noticed that there are so many movies with Julianne Moore now so I can say that her career is now on top and her presence in most of those movies is a guarantee of a good quality of new movie! And I am also glad to see Liam Neeson in the main role because it’s always interesting to watch action movies with him playing main roles even when they are quite similar as well as his characters!Non-Stop 2014 torrent
Still, I must say that I liked this movie and I find it a really good action movie which is not less cool than, for example, both parts of “Taken” with Liam Neeson. In this new movie the story takes place on the international flight from New York to London where the main character receives lots of strange text messages which say that a passenger will die each 20 minutes until 150 million dollars is transferred into some bank account. But there is a big and bad surprise for him when he and everyone else finds out that that account is made on his name and very soon the bomb is found on the plane. So the main character needs not only to clear his name but he also needs to save everyone from the bomb and to find out who is trying to make him a bad guy!

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