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I’m here today and I have brought you a really cool new movie based on a real cool video game that is called Need for Speed. This new movie is about the drive! This movie is about the smell of blood, sweat and gasoline! This movie is about the fast cars and guys with nerves of steel! And this is the movie about a taste of the revenge! And I must say that this one is totally much better than the Fast and Furious franchise, even than its first one or two movies! And I must say that even without Vin Diesel, this new movie reminds me of Fast & Furious really much and I that movie always reminded me of the Need for Speed game and I think that everyone of you understands me well.Need for Speed 2014 torrent
Talking about the cats of this movie, I can’t really say that there are first-class and world-known actors but I believe that these guys have all the chances to build a really good career in future! So, there are such actors as Aaron Paul, Imogen Poots, Kid Cudi, Ramon Rodriguez and some others. Well, I think that Aaron Paul is quite famous because of his role in the Breaking Bad series in which he has played one of the main characters but still is his only role which I know so it’s too early to say if he is a good or a bad actor so we’ll wait and see. But I need to admit that this role in Need for Speed 2014 movie suits Aaron really well and I can’t really imagine who could be better for being taken for this role.Great poster of this new Need for Speed 2014 movie
And it is interesting for me to see Imogen Poots in this movie for two reasons! The first reason is that being only 25 years old, she already has some good roles and she has even been included into the “5 best young actors and actresses of Great Britain” list for her role of Tammy in the movie called “28 Weeks Later”. And the second reason for me to be glad of seeing Imogen in this movie is just because she is really unusual-looking girl and quite a good actress on my personal opinion! And now we have a really great possibility to see her and Aaron Paul in the new wonderful movie so you shouldn’t waste your time on thinking whether to watch or not to watch this movie online right now and you should just begin to download Need for Speed full movie using the torrent and have a great time and I can assure you that you will like this movie a lot especially if you are a fan of this video game or if you are just a fan of good action movies!

Go as fast as you can - it's Need for Speed!
Need for Speed 2014 torrent / Go as fast as you can - it's Need for Speed!

By the way! I need to say that the plot of this movie is quite good but quite predictable. The story follows a young guy who is a really good street racer but who has got into a prison for a crime that he didn’t commit! But now he gets released from a prison and he wants to avenge for spending so many time in prison and for his friend who has died! So, I think that the story is not really new but it is quite interesting and exciting because of the way this story is shown to us!

What would you do in this situation?
Need for Speed 2014 torrent / What would you do in this situation?
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