My Man of Steel viewing experience

My Man of Steel viewing experience Reviews

My Man of Steel viewing experienceI have a confession to make, guys. You all know me as a big fan of great movies, but I’ve visited theater to watch Man of Steel only yesterday. Yes, I know, it is more than a half of the month after it was released, but I haven’t got time to just go and watch it myself. Of course, I can always watch it there, but you should agree, that impression of the movie can get very My Man of Steel viewing experiencedifferent if you watch whole movie in the theater, don’t you think? Well, I must say, it wasn’t very impressive to me. I expected best from this movie. Generally I have to say that my Man of Steel viewing experience is slightly less than I thought of it. It’s not the picture - it’s really great, special effects are amazing, and in the scene with a fight in the city I truly felt like I was there and all buildings surrounding my was crashing.
I’m talking about plot. It have so many illogical moments that I just can’t not to tell you about them. For example, where is the logic of Jor-El when he sends his only son to the Earth? Yes, I know, many critics already wrote about it, and many people discuss it, but I just don’t get the point - how one person, even if he is endowed with such great power, can help exploding planet to survive? How can he be the only hope to the whole nation if they sended him far away? And if he is powerless around his motherland? I just don’t get it, though I'm writing short movie reviews and watching many crazy videos. I will repeat - my viewing experience of watching Man of Steel is really differs with my expectations about it. Sad.My Man of Steel viewing experience

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