Michael Bay – from Bad Boys to Transformers

Michael Bay - from Bad Boys to Transformers News

Michael Bay - from Bad Boys to Transformers

I just have finished to watch The Family 2013 movie and now I am drinking coffee and thinking about the hard work of probably the most important people in cinema industry such as movie directors. So now I want to tell you about quite skilled and popular director of many interesting and basically high-budget movies whose name is Michael Bay. The name of this article is Michael Bay - from Bad Boys to Transformers because I noticed that this man is growing in his profession and directing skills every year and it’s getting more and more interesting and impressing to watch his new movies! So lets only remember the movies that Michael Bay brought to this world such as Armageddon or Pearl Harbour or The Rock and many other well-known movies so I think that this man is worth to be mentioned. It seems that the most colourful and typical part of almost all his works is really impressing visual effects which always seem so realistic that you begin to feel and believe in what is happening on the screen.Here's Michael Bay's Bad BoysThis man does his best to prove us that he is a master in what he’s doing all the time but still he is one of the most criticized directors nowadays. Despite many of his successful works, he often meets criticism and he’s often being parodied or labeled as the most worst working director in internet and mass media. For a few times he has even got into a top in Worst Directors lists by users on Internet Movie Database that is called IMDB. So it’s hard to say if he’s good or bad director because everyone of us should have their own decisions! I think that anyone can make some mistakes but why should he be claimed for that without any mention about his successful works? So we should forgive each-others mistakes to help us moving forward!

The Transformers 3 movie by Michael Bay

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