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Machete Kills (2013) full movie onlineMachete's girl laughing at corpse

Danny Trejo is really good playing roles like this one. His type of face and body fits perfect to play guys with balls of steel and hands in blood of enemies and everyone who moves (and if someone doesn’t moving, he’ll just push them and then kill). I think he'll star badly in the movies like Incredible Burt Wonderstone or any other family comedy movies, but here he's just perfect.Machete Kills movie poster So you will be really pleased to know (if you did like the first Machete movie) that I found leaked version of Machete Kills (2013) upcoming movie and now I can share it with you! Yes, it will bring pain and blood in your life. You will share all the suffering of heroes of this movie. Maybe you think it’s not worth watching, but I can say sincerely that you will enjoy this picture.
For example, I can describe one scene from this movie. It placed near the very beginning, reminds me scene from Fast & Furious 6 full movie and shows us how Machete (Danny Trejo) been hung for mass murder (you saw first part, didn’t you?). And suddenly phone begins to ring. Main executioner asks with laugh “Who is it? A governor?”, but his face became pale when he gets the phone and said “Yes, Mr. President. That’ll do, Mr. President. Very well” and then without remorse shoots directly to the rope. Yes, he didn’t cut it off or just loosen it a bit - he shoots and the bullet goes directly through the rope, cutting it down. Machete then didn’t fall on the ground, like most people will do in this situation - no, Machete is not like usual people. He stands on his feet straight and asks a question “What? Who do I need? What’s wrong?”, like he hasn’t been hanging on this rope just a moment ago.Danny Trejo in Machete Kills
Of course, I wouldn’t recommend you to watch Machete Kills (2013) full movie online if you are not of age, or pregnant, or sick, or if you even can’t watch scenes of open violence and obscene language. Because this movie got it, and lots of it. Generally, I can’t sincerely recommend anyone to watch it, but if you want spicy feelings, you might look it, maybe once. I don’t know any men who would want to watch it twice or more. I even don’t know the one who saw first part twice, and I think, neither don’t you. Correct me if I’m wrong, but these kind of movies is not to be rewatched again and again like good old comedies or family movies, aren’t they?

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