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Forgive me for this such unpleasant word, but that’s just a name of upcoming movie. Maybe you’ve not seen the first part. You know that I love any movies based on the comics, and this one is not an exception. Maybe it’s too rude or cruel, maybe heroes in this comics and movie is acting not like they should do in a good story, but let me tell you what.Kick Ass 2 2013 full movie The first part was about one guy who decided to fight the crime. He hasn’t any superpowers, or any batman gadgets, he was just an ordinary guy. But he did such a mess in his city, that it reminds me of The Hangover 3 leaked version, if you know what I mean. So, in Kick Ass 2 2013 full movie he will do so, and there’s no doubt about it. There is also Chloe Moretz, as it was in the first part, and I’m sort of a fan to this girl, because in her years she did such a great career.
If you remember, main action in the first part begins when the main hero (forgive me again), Kick-Ass, started to do something really good. He stood against a bunch of a criminals in his suit and suddenly got into YouTube. Of course, rumors walk fast, and soon all the main villains wanted his head. What happened next - you can see it yourself. In the Kick-Ass 2, 2013 movie, there will be action much more than it was in first part of full movie or even in Die Hard 5 full movie online, there's no doubts. There will be blood, katanas, masks, and... Jim Carrey! Yes, my beloved comic actor playing in this movie as Colonel Stars and Stripes. Do you want to see it already?

Kick Ass 2 2013 full movie

Kick Ass 2 2013 full movie
Kick Ass 2 2013 full movie / Main heroes
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    Awesome movie love it