Kaze tachinu 2014 torrent

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We're flying off in Kaze tachinu 2014
Kaze tachinu 2014 torrent / We're flying off in Kaze tachinu 2014

It’s quite surprising for me but today I’m here to give you the possibility to download Kaze tachinu 2014 full movie! It is surprising because this is actually the first anime movie which I’m bringing online for you to watch because I’m actually not a fan of anime and I find most products of Japanese cinema industry quite strange and weird! It’s an interesting fact that this movie is going to be released by Touchstone pictures company only in february of 2014 in the U.S. but was already released in Japan in 2013 so it wasn’t so hard for me to find it for you in its U.S. variant! By the way, I need to tell you that this movies is also known as The Wind Rises movie so it is its official name for the premier in our country!

Most romantic scene in Kaze tachinu 2014
Kaze tachinu 2014 torrent / Most romantic scene in Kaze tachinu

Actually the Kaze tachinu movie is based on the manga of the same name which was turned into the short story called The Wind Has Risen by Tatsuo Hori who was quite a famous writer, poet and translator in the 20th century. The Kaze tachinu is loosely-based on biography of Jiro Horikoshi but with adding lots of fiction into his story. Jiro Horikoshi was the designer of the plane Mitsubishi A5M which is one of the first Japanese carrier-based fighter aircrafts and some other plane which were both used by the Empire of Japan during World War II. And we can understand that these aircrafts were really good because there wouldn’t be any manga or any movie if they weren’t! But as I am a girl and I don’t care about some warplanes and I don’t like anime movies, that’s why I won’t watch this new movie but still the torrent is waiting for you to download this movie because it might be interesting for you, well, I hope so!

Kaze tachinu 2014 torrent

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