Jason Statham – always a good guy?

Jason Statham - always a good guy? Actors

Jason Statham - always a good guy?

As you could already understand from my posts - I’m a person who is keen on movies.. And I watch almost all new movies of any genre with pleasure if the movie is good! Right now I’m downloading Hummingbird torrent because there is Jason Statham and I am in the right mood to watch some action movie with strong men, guns, fights etc. I know that it’s a bit strange for a girl to like to watch such movies as this one but I can’t do anything about loving to do it!Jason with Ukrainian girl
I think that you will not disagree with me that one of the most popular and handsome actors in action movies genre nowadays is Jason Statham! By the way - did you know that he is already 45 years old?! I just can’t believe it because he is looking good and younger than he is! And I always think of him as a good guy! Actually I can’t remember any movie where his character is bad! Well, yes, he always has some aggressive characters and I prefer to call them “Good guys with big fists”. Don’t you think that a good guy with good intention is a good character but a good guy with a big gun always looks better! People love good guys who beat bad guys and it’s always been like this starting from the old legends and till now and I think it will not change in nearest future or ever! Talking about Jason Statham - my favourite movie where he stars as a main actor is Crank but i still haven’t watched a new one! I like the film Crank because the main character is really wild and crazy guy and this role suits Jason very well! And I can’t name you any other movie with such big amount of action scenes in it and actually the whole film is a crazy action scene!

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