Jack The Giant Slayer: trailer song

Jack the Giant Slayer Soundtracks

Jack the Giant SlayerYesterday I saw a Jack The Giant Slayer trailer. One question was asked from me – what song is playing through? Maybe I heard it before, like, in The Smurfs 2 soundtrack or somewhere else? I’m so addicted to this music that I can tickle anyone to death until he’ll say what is this. In the trailer, however, we can see the beginning of epic story of Jack The Giant Slayer. When magic beans grows up through the house – it was something big! And what I can say about our main hero – I haven’t seen this actor before. I don’t know how he’s playing – good or bad. All I know is I want to see this movie. And, of course, in the cinema. At the big screen.

Of course, I know, that modern scripters using old tales so... I don’t mind. If it good to the whole picture – I will say yes to all of my childhood fairytales. Jack The Giant Slayer is one of them, of course. If my memory don’t fails, in this story there was a giant goose that laid a golden eggs. And magic beans lead to the land of giants and a magic goose... You can correct me if I’m wrong 🙂

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