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As I can see, many people across the Internet have a really big question – what will use Tony Stark as a new suit in Iron Man 3? Lots of images, lots of videos... Let me make an answer on this question. First of all, as you can see, there was a new suit in the Iron Man 2:

iron man 2

In comparison to suit in the Iron Man (first part), it looks very similar, apart from some parts. The same suit was used in the Avengers:

The Avengers Iron Man

It have a triangle light on a chest, not like on the first suit (where it was circle). Now, as you can see, in Iron Man 3 new suit will have a circle flash as it was earlier, and it started to remind me Captain Phillips suit, no matter how strange it sounds. But it have many additional things, like more realistic belly support (it looks like it can fold, unlike previous version), more useful scapular (it takes up less space making it more comfortable to bend your hand in shoulder), and more classy view (in my humble opinion). So, let me introduce you a new suit for Iron Man:

new iron man 3 suit

To my regret, I didn't read all the comics about Iron Man, but I think somehow, that this suit fits Tony Stark best.

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