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Great Gatsby 2013
Recently on my way home I’ve seen The Great Gatsby film advertisement and wondered if it was based on Fitzgerald’s novel or just a modern remake. The powerful story about big American dream is one my favorite. All the way I thought about the story read in distant past. A brilliant story about young man who got into the world of richness and extravagance by accident and in the end discovered the lie of it. I’ve dreamt about its adaptation since I was at school, but unfortunately all of the prior attempts were unsuccessful, and that reminds me a story of filming one movie - download Lone Ranger 2013 to be sure. And here is another one!

I was eager to see The Great Gatsby 2013 trailer. At last I did. And you know it’s really amazing. The color grading in the film is inexpressible! The acting seems superb and the look of the movie is absolutely gorgeous! Leonardo DiCaprio is performing the role of Mr. Gatsby. There is so much sincerity and passion in his eyes. He is unconditionally a talented actor and richly deserves his Oscar. He is going to be a fantastic Gatsby and will do an amazing portrayal of the character. Just the good amount of elegance and innocence. Sure this role will be the best one of his.

The co-writer and director of the movie is Baz Luhrmann. His films are so unusual, based on his unique color vision of the world. The first team-work of the two cinema geniuses (Baz and Leo) was Romeo + Juliet. And it wasfantastic! It’s my best Leo’s role. Girls, who doesn’t like his Romeo? I just adore him. And now I’m going to expire with excitement waiting for his Gatsby!
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