Gravity movie spoilers

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Gravity movie spoilers

Starting from august 28 you will have the possibility to watch this new movie with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney in the main roles in the cinema or download Gravity movie from the internet. And still I want to tell you about this new movie and if you are searching for Gravity movie spoilers then you came into the right place! So the George Clooney’s character is a brave astronaut that had almost died during his last trip to the open space! And now his last mission before getting retired is to lead new important trip to the space station. He is going to go there with Sandra Bullock’s character who is the PhD in Medical Engineering and she has an important science work to do in space and he is the best professional to assist her in her mission.

One of the posters of the Gravity movie

Gravity movie spoilers / One of the posters

But as it always happens in such movies – something goes wrong and our characters are now lost in the cold dark space without any contact with Earth and almost without any hope to survive this situation and be rescued. I can say that I feel uncomfortable when I imagine such situations as to be lost somewhere without any visible possibility to make things right in some place without any contact with the world, and you know, they get this point and turned it into a one big joke here, in the Scary Movie 5. As I find such situations really terrifying so that’s why I didn’t really like this movie and it has been hard for me to watch something like this. But if you like such movies – you will watch it really soon!

Another one poster to this movie

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  1. J.D. September 14, 2013 10:48 pm 

    What was that movie where Bullock drove a bus, “Speed?” This looks like “Speed in Space; Bullock driving a big bus in space. Been there done that.

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