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Gravity 2013 trailer
Gravity 2013 trailer / Sandra Bullock looking with hope, but there's no such thing there

I have just finished to watch the Gravity 2013 trailer and I think that the movie is going to be really great and interesting! Actually I don’t like movies about some spaceships and the space itself because I am a bit afraid of it! I think that space is quite scary place because its emptiness and cold! I still haven’t watched this movie but I will tell you that i’m about to have Gravity 2013 leaked on my website! And right now I just want to discuss a trailer in which we can see Sandra Bullock and George Clooney that are working on a space station and then suddenly something goes wrong and they get lost in space all alone and without any communication with Earth! Such situation scares me out a little and seems to be very uncomfortable and depressing so I’m not sure that I will watch this movie to the very end but still I’ll try to do it!Usual Gravity 2013 poster, nothing special
I think that’s strange that this movie is called Gravity because as I know, there is no such thing as gravity in space and it seems like all the movie action will be going on in space! I believe that this movie can be the cool one because of the actors that star in it! I don’t think that Clooney is a very good actor but still he looks very good and it’s nice to watch at him! And Sandra Bullock is very great actress and she looks just amazing right now so I hope that she will show us all her talent in this new movie!

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