The Lone Ranger movie by Gore Verbinski

Gore Verbinski The Lone Ranger News

Gore Verbinski The Lone Ranger
Today I’ve watched trailers of upcoming movies, started to download Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters full movie, and accidently came across this new movie trailer. I think this Gore Verbinski The Lone Ranger movie will be a hit. First of all - it’s Gore Verbinski, creator and director of The Pirates of the Caribbean (which can't be compared to a movies like a Great Gatsby level, you know - they're epic). Second - it’s Jerry Bruckheimer, producer of many famous movies and TV shows. Third, and not last at all - it’s Johnny Depp! And he is in a strange makeup again, as all of we love. This movie will take place on a Wild West, when word and a gun worth much more than just a word. This movie will tell us a story of a man who was killed and raised from dead to become The Lone Ranger.
Gore Verbinski The Lone Ranger
For a first moments of trailer I thinked that the director of this movie is Guy Ritchie - very familiar handwriting of a scenes, where details is more important than anything else. But when I realised that this is a Gore Verbinski The Lone Ranger movie trailer, I watched it till the end with my breath taken away. I really do like Pirates of The Caribbean, and I’m sure that this time they will not to lose face as it never was before. I think I want to see this movie even more than I wanted to watch Vehicle 19 online or something else. Face gesture of Johnny Depp is high as it always was, and it makes me smile all the way through the trailer. I will come and see this movie. No doubt. And you, guys?

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