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All right, here comes the horrors. I'm not a big fan of this kind of movies, but they worth talking about. This is Evil Dead remake movie, all-new vision on a 1984 film. I think it's just our modern directors, they have no more ideas, and that's making them shoot remakes of old movies. As you can see in the trailer (watch careful, it's not for kids, pregnant women and sensitive people), and as it says on main page of this movie, “it will be the most terrifying film you ever experience”. After watching this, I can agree with this statement with ease. So much blood, so much screams, and scared people...
Unfortunately, I haven't seen the original. Maybe, that's luck. But I want to stress my nerves, and I'll come and see this Evil Dead remake movie. The plot is simple like it is in Prisoners film online – five friends comes to abandoned house in deep forest, found old book, and read something from there. There was a note in the book, made by blood - “DO NOT READ THIS”, but who cares? At last, this is a horror movie. Well, after saying last word, something evil happens. Just as usual. Nothing odd. You know what? Read books with care. You never know.
evil dead trailer

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