Elysium 2013 review

Elysium 2013 review Reviews
Elysium 2013 review
Elysium 2013 review / Matt Damon with strange metal thing on back of his neck

Hey guys! If you still didn’t download Elysium DVDRip than you should do it right now because it’s a nice new science fiction action-thriller movie made by Neill Blomkamp and there are such wonderful actors like Matt Damon and Jodie Foster! The movie tells us about the future of mankind in 2154 where there are only two classes of people and two different places where they live such as a ravaged Earth and new luxurious space colony called Elysium. Elysian inhabitants live in comfort and safety, they surrounded by robotic servants that do anything for them. They regularly use some medical devices in their homes that keep them free from any disease. On the other hand there are people who live on Earth! They are poor and policed by ruthless androids and they must survive on an overpopulated and devastated Earth! So I think that this movie shows us very important political and sociological themes such as immigration, health care and class issues and the future in this movie is not so far from our time so we need to think well about it!Danger ahead, be warned, Matt!
So the main character in this movie is Max Da Costa (played by Matt Damon) and he is a former car thief who lives in the ruins of Los Angeles. He grew up as an orphan and has spent much of his life in prison and still his life is not getting better but everything gets worse! And soon he gets a large dose of radiation on the factory where he works and he understands that he is going to die in a few days! Then he decides to go to Elysium to get the medical device. But people from Earth are not allowed to come to Elysium so this is almost a suicide mission! So from this moment the action starts and my Elysium 2013 review ends! Have a good time watching and see you soon!

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