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There’s another great movie with Vin Diesel starring a main role. A long time ago there was The Chronicles of Riddick movie – it was 2004, exactly. Some people liked it, some don’t, what for me – I don’t remember it. Probably, I didn’t liked it at all, because if movie is good, you can’t forget it this simple. So, my friend presents me a possibility to download Riddick 2013 full movie, and I can’t say that I really want it, but I will watch it. Trailer made me want to do this, you can see it in here. Of course, it’s not finished yet, but whatever – you can wait till the autumn or don’t. In the trailer they say “This fall – rule the dark!”, and I understand why is it so. Dark creatures, that seems to me like big insects (it’s very individually, I haven’t seen monsters like that in the movies – sarcasm). If you need brake and relax, you can download Despicable me 2 HD and watch it with good company, because this movie will make you want to see the sun and hear birds singing.

Download Riddick 2013 full movie

Download Riddick 2013 full movie / Vin Diesel with his branded sunglasses

Unstoppable rains, mud and seas with brown grey water. Branded eyewear hiding glowing Riddick’s eyes (if you look at the face of man and see bald head with such eyewear – you totally gonna say “Riddick!”). Heroes saying phrases like “Time is up!” or “What was that?”. You can’t be mistaken when you see this full movie what it will be about and how it will end. Good hero will rise like Bruce Willis in Die Hard series, beat up all baddies and insects, rides his very stylish motorbike, and get a girl. Come on, all good heroes should get a girl in the end!

Download Riddick 2013 full movie

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  1. phuti August 27, 2013 6:10 pm 

    The movie looks dope man!! Can’t wait to go watch it at the cinema

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