Don Jon movie 2013 spoilers

Don Jon movie spoilers
Don Jon movie spoilers Don Jon movie spoilers / Don dancing with Scarlett and enjoying it

If you still didn’t download Don Jon movie and you are not sure about is it worth watching or now than I have some little but teasing Don Jon movie spoilers for you! but I must warn you not to read this article if you don’t like spoilers because the movie is not so interesting for you after you read some!
So, to begin with, I must say that this movie is quite predictable but still a cute and interesting one! So from the first minutes of watching this movie and even after watching it’s trailer, you can guess that it’s going to be a happy ending and the main characters are going to be together no matter what! But I think that’s not so bad because such movies are not created to surprise you but to make you enjoy the process of watching and the story this movie tells us!One of the obvious posters of Don Jon 2013
So the most interesting and spicy spoiler for everyone is that we will see Scarlett Johansson naked in this movie and believe me, even girls are going to like this scene because I liked it! Also there will be at least two good funny fights between the characters but I won’t tell you which characters I’m talking about because I need to leave you some intrigue! And I can also remember one interesting moment that is connected with the main character’s porn addiction, when the main characters will have an argue and a little break in their relationship, Don Jon will actually meet his favourite porn-star! So as you can understand, this movie is totally not for children! So if you are an adult person with good sense of humor that this movie is going to be very funny and interesting way to spend your evening at the screen!

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