Despicable Me 2 vs. Toy Story 2

Despicable Me 2 vs. Toy Story 2 Remakes

Despicable Me 2 vs. Toy Story 2

And now I’m going to talk about two beautiful and really interesting animated pictures such as Despicable Me 2 HD and the Toy Story 2. So we have here an interesting competition for people’s hearts and wallets. Whose box office is going to be better? So lets compare these two second parts of well-known cartoons! First I’m going to talk about my own choice - Despicable Me! I liked it because its really colourful and funny and new so I was very delighted with everything while I was watching it! So this animated picture is made by Illumination Entertainment studio that is much younger than the Pixar animation but they became a strong competitor in this industry so that’s why it’s interesting to watch what will happen next! So as I said already if I need to choose one of these two great pictures I would take the Despicable Me! I think that’s because I do really like those little yellow guys called minions!

Toy Story 2 - do you remember it like I do?
Despicable Me 2 vs. Toy Story 2 / Toy Story 2 poster

But still the Toy Story 2 is a great animated picture and I liked it very much when I watched it in 1999! At such moments you realize how fast the time runs away from us! So in 1999 the Toy Story 2 had got about 485.000$ and it was met very well by critics and audience! And now it’s interesting to watch if the Despicable Me 2 would beat this! We’ll wait and see! And now I think I’m going to refresh my memory about the Toy Story 2 by watching it, and after that I think I will go and watch Planes online!

Gru with his little girls and yellow minions

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