Delivery Man 2013 vs. Starbuck 2011

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Delivery Man vs. Starbuck

In 2011, as you remember, Canada released movie named “Starbuck”. It was about one guy who worked hard on his job and didn’t pretend to get some more. To get more money he went to the sperm bank every week and do the job there, without knowing what he’s doing. So, suddenly, a lot of time after, he learned that he have a bunch of kids - 533 heads, to be exact. That bursted his head out of his mind and he tried to hide from the whole world. But of course one of them found him and introduced to another people who wanted to know him better - his sons and daughters. And he accepted them, because he is their father, after all. That was really good movie, and suddenly in 2013 someone decided to shoot one more movie about father of 533 children, because it has one fatal flaw...Yes, they have to talk about it
And here we are, now we have new movie named “Delivery Man” about one guy who have 533 children (they didn’t even changed the quantity, yes). I don’t believe Vince Vaughn can play as good as Patrick Huard, because he’s just wrong type. I think there wasn’t any need to shoot this remake, but they did what they did, and we have to watch it to make one straight point - who will win this undeclared war - Delivery Man vs. Starbuck. Now you can watch Delivery Man free of charge and I can tell you now who should be winner, but I haven’t seen Delivery Man yet, so I can’t tell the truth, just my assumptions. For sure, you should see both these movies to tell the truth, and you shouldn’t have a word without watching them - so, I’m waiting for you to comment this article and say what movie do you liked more - first or second.

I don't need to describe what movie should win in this battle

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